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Common  Questions

What is peer recovery?

One person in recovery helping another. Using our past to help others find a future and purpose.

How much does it cost?

The entry fee for the recovery program is $1,500 which covers Phase I and up to three months. Contact us if you need to establish a payment plan. We will work with each individual. Nobody should be turned away from recovery if they have a willingness and desire to exit a life of substance use.


Does RCO take insurance?

Our rates are so low that insurance isn’t accepted. The cost of our residential program is fixed at $125/week through the entire one-year program. Job placement after Phase I is provided and food services are put in place on the day you move into the Recovery House.

What if I have charges pending?

RCO has a working relationship with many of the moving parts in the criminal justice system. Each individual who is approved after the application process will have a peer specialist advocate on their side.

What if I need to go through detox?

Boston Mountain Rural Health Center has partnered with RCO to provide detox services. Contact us to make the appropriate arrangements and discuss payment options for detox. 


Do I need to pass a drug test to enter the program?

Before an intake can be completed, a drug test is required. A resident must test negative for all substances other than THC. If an individual tests positive for any other substance, a detox will be required. Once a resident is admitted, they will be randomly drug tested and any THC level must decrease to a level of zero.